About Us

Rojoli Technologies is a Private Cloud Infrastructure Provider and Network specialist, servicing mid-market enterprises, with web and mobile application hosting and development services.

Why Rojoli ?

We love our work and love our customers even more. Our customer service is available round the clock to help you with any questions that you might have.
Rojoli has been offering private cloud infrastructure to its customers since 2009 (before cloud was cloud!!). We have all the processes in place to ensure robust availibility and scalibility of your applications (highly redundant network & power infrastructure, nightly backups of every server, audited disaster recovery protocol...)
Building on top of Microsoft's latest Small Business Server 2008, Rojoli's Small Business in-a-box offering enables small and growing organizations to have an IT infrastructure, operations framework, VOIP phone service and mobile personnel at a fraction of the cost of building it all

Case Studies

Private Cloud Success Stories

RFI’s Journey into the Cloud

RF Installation LLC is a dynamic national installation services company based out of Grand Prairie, Texas. RFI has developed installation solutions that address the needs of retailers, distributors, manufacturers, builders, and end-users. Before engaging Rojoli Technologies, their IT infrastructure was maintained onsite, in a computer room which housed 3 server racks, routers, UPSs, numerous switches, telecom feeds, and a heavily modified AC system to manage proper cooling for the equipment. All these were setup as and when the business grew, and in a way that made it quite difficult to perform proper maintenance. The AC system which was quite heavily modified to match the growing needs over the years finally resulted in a situation where the cooling in the room could no longer be managed. The building power also grew unstable which resulted in frequent outages. It was difficult for the company to grow, without addressing these issues. Their internet feed was not redundant, and also went down from time to time.

  • Increased Computing Resources
  • 24x7x365 Security
  • n+1 Cooling Systems
  • Reduction in Utility Costs
  • Robust Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Day-to-Day Management of Office IT Network
  • Malware and Virus Protection
RFI decided to act on the problem, and contracted Rojoli Technologies to analyze and evaluate their current IT infrastructure.

Download Complete case study to find out how Rojoli Technologies helped RFI solve the most challenging cloud infrastructure challenges.

The Transformation of Daniel/Pappadakis & Associates

Daniel/Pappadakis & Associates is an accounting firm based out of the city of Atlanta. With over 40 years of history in this city, the firm provides personalized services to its clients. Daniel/Pappadakis & Associates contacted Rojoli Technologies to help with their IT infrastructure, which was rapidly becoming insufficient to match the needs of the growing business. Prior to working with Rojoli Technologies, their infrastructure was made up of a server room housed in an old utility closet. This infrastructure was no longer helping the firm grow and they recognized that something had to be done with their IT infrastructure, which could not only help the business expand but also provide useful resources to its clients.

  • Thorough Analysis of Existing IT Infrastructure
  • Scalable Private Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  • Secure Access to Applications and Data
  • Flexible and Robust Cloud Platform
  • Easier Management & Maintenance of Computing Resources
Daniel/Pappadakis & Associates’ migration into the cloud hasn’t just helped the firm work better, but will also provide fruits in the years to come.

Download complete case study to know more.