About Us

Rojoli Technologies is a Private Cloud Infrastructure Provider and Network specialist, servicing mid-market enterprises, with web and mobile application hosting and development services.

Why Rojoli ?

We love our work and love our customers even more. Our customer service is available round the clock to help you with any questions that you might have.
Rojoli has been offering private cloud infrastructure to its customers since 2009 (before cloud was cloud!!). We have all the processes in place to ensure robust availibility and scalibility of your applications (highly redundant network & power infrastructure, nightly backups of every server, audited disaster recovery protocol...)
Building on top of Microsoft's latest Small Business Server 2008, Rojoli's Small Business in-a-box offering enables small and growing organizations to have an IT infrastructure, operations framework, VOIP phone service and mobile personnel at a fraction of the cost of building it all

Data Protection

We Will Never Let You Lose Your Data Again. Ever.

A secure managed storage solution is imperative for your organization’s continued success. As critical data inevitably grows, dedicated storage frees up space on your primary servers — especially if you share data between locations or often work with larger, media-centric files — and protects you from accidental data loss.

Rojoli offers a full range of storage appliances, from basic to full-featured configurations and designed to fit your specific needs. We host your data in our fully redundant, ultra secure Tier-3 data centers. You get a reliable, highly available and scalable storage solution for your critical business data.

Protecting Virtual Servers & Live State

  • Dynamic virtual machine storage
  • Enhanced networking support
  • Cluster shared volumes
  • Live migration

Complimenting the other forms of data protection rojoli provides is Live Migration and Dynamic Storage Technologies. Whether using VMWare of Microsoft virtualization platforms, the concepts are the same and work together to provide a robust & protected virtual environment.

Live Migration is one of those assurances and allows the migration of one virtual machine to another but without affecting the availability of that VM (and subsequent business applications) to users. Working together with clustering & cluster shared storage volumes, the live failover to a secondary virtual server is near instantaneous and provides the business continuity that is critical to your business.

We Are Awesome!

  • Providing Cloud Hosting services since 2009
  • Environmentally Controlled, highly redundant network and power infrastructure
  • SSAE 16 Secure Facility
  • Nightly Backups of Servers
  • Many satisfied clients

Rojoli business consultants are available at your service 24X7.

Call us for a no-strings-attached discussion and let us help you take more informed decisions.

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