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Rojoli Technologies is a Private Cloud Infrastructure Provider and Network specialist, servicing mid-market enterprises, with web and mobile application hosting and development services.

Why Rojoli ?

We love our work and love our customers even more. Our customer service is available round the clock to help you with any questions that you might have.
Rojoli has been offering private cloud infrastructure to its customers since 2009 (before cloud was cloud!!). We have all the processes in place to ensure robust availibility and scalibility of your applications (highly redundant network & power infrastructure, nightly backups of every server, audited disaster recovery protocol...)
Building on top of Microsoft's latest Small Business Server 2008, Rojoli's Small Business in-a-box offering enables small and growing organizations to have an IT infrastructure, operations framework, VOIP phone service and mobile personnel at a fraction of the cost of building it all

Outsourced CIO

Get A Large Company CIO @ Small Company Budget!

If your firm needs to take its technology assets to the next level, but lack the know-how or needs CIO work but doesn’t have the budget for it, Rojoli has the answer. Our Outsourced Chief Information Officer (oCIO) services provide all the services of a full-time CIO but remotely and reliably.

When you outsource executive IT functions to Rojoli, we analyze your business needs and work with you to build the appropriate infrastructure. By streamlining the work process, we provide an extremely efficient and cost-effective service. We follow a practical, simple framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting your IT services that can make your business more competitive in the marketplace.

Areas covered, include, but are not limited to:

Technology Audit & Reviews

We provide technology assessment that includes a comprehensive review and analysis of both your technical resources and operational processes. IT audit and review is critical for making informed IT management decisions and planning for current business needs and future growth. Our oCIO advisory service takes the guesswork away, providing your business with a thorough investigation into your existing IT setup and easing any worries of security.

  • Access to the latest technology research
  • Access to emerging technology players
  • Benchmarking assessments
  • Regular updates covering technology management issues and emerging trends to assist in the formulation of your business plans.


  • Expert Advice at a fraction of cost
  • Get unparalleled expertise & single point of contact to assist you day-to-day
  • A Virtual CIO will develop a long term IT plan for your business, saving you money.
Our Technical Advisory Services are customized as per your requirement and can also be sourced on an ad hoc basis and for any duration.

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Managed Vendor Relations

Rojoli’s outsourced CIO service is unlike any other service provider you will ever have worked with. We provide practitioner led services using very high caliber specialists to deliver measurable results fast and provide excellent value for money.
Vendor management is a key function of oCIO. We follow vendor management best practices to build a mutually strong relationship with your vendors that will strengthen your company’s overall performance in the marketplace.
The process that we follow starts with Vendor Selection-Scrutinize the Prospects- Monitoring Performance- Constant Communication.

  • Greater expertise
  • Added value
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Lower cost
We help you put your vendor management outsourcing on the right track with the best kind of cost-focused approach and a simplified process.

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Marketing/Sales Technology

Marketing/Sales technology review takes an in-depth look at strategy, team, processes and supporting technology to identify ways of optimizing revenues and increasing the return on investment in this area whilst ensuring that it is aligned to the corporate goals and objectives.
oCIO also examines the current marketing programme and process against the goals of stakeholders and sales strategy by linking objectives, strategies and tactics together with measurements, monitoring and controls to ensure thorough implementation and alignment.

  • Analysis of alignment between sales and marketing strategy
  • Key differentiators against existing key competitors
  • Areas of variance between marketing and business goals
With over a decade of experience, an impressive satisfied client list, and numerous skilled business process outsourcing professionals, we have the manpower—and the experience—to provide you with the resources that allow us to give the best customer experience to your clients.

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